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New Mercurial theme brewing

Posted on | October 24, 2007 | No Comments

For those of you who have not been a long term visitor of my web site (that I nicknamed “Rose Red”), I’ve been slowly but surely converting many scripts and applications to match my original XHTML 1.0 strict static design. You can see the site design notes if your really curious about what I’ve done. I named the site “Rose Red” because it tends to change 20-30 times a day while I work on it.

Today, the default Python Mercurial repository directory was converted over to PHP, mostly so that I could easily pull in things from the WordPress loop, thus allowing me to show recent blog entries along with the repository list. Special thanks to Paul for help getting the class put together.

I’m still not quite done, I might use magpie or simplepie to pull (via rss) some of the changelog to present in a list with each repo in the directory. Right now its just reading */.hg/hgrc like hgwebdir would do.

My next goal on my never ending road to geekdom: make a Mercurial theme (xhtml 1.0 strict) that matches my static pages. After studying Mercurial for months, I think that I’m finally ready to take on a theme.

I’ve been using the “Git” style for Mercurial because most people are used to its layout and functionality. I’ll probably stay close to the Gitweb theme, while bringing it into XHTML 1.0 strict standards and making it match my existing site. Since Echoreply is 100% CSS driven, it should be easy for anyone to modify to match their site (header and footer should do it in most cases).

I’m also determined to find some ‘nice’ way of tying the repositories into the WordPress loop. I’m not yet (entirely) sure how I’m going to accomplish that. I really want to marry the two because I receive many visits to the repositories from search engines, many of those visitors might find my blog and other things of interest.

I’m excited to get to work on it, I’m sure this little project will take at least a month. When I’m finally done, I should have a firm enough grasp on Mercurial’s denizens to create a service similar to Launchpad and Sourceforge, but based on Mercurial, written entirely in PHP. Hopefully, my Python improves a bit while I’m working on the template :)


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