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Bye bye, HIV?

Posted on | October 24, 2007 | No Comments

Science Daily is reporting that researchers have stopped HIV in its tracks. Through a combination of sustained therapies, HIV can be blocked from mutating and neutralized in many HIV patients.

Like most therapies (even antibiotics), this treatment is only effective if the patient is diligent in following the prescribed course. One must take all medicine, keep all appointments, etc. The article does not really cover on what happens if you deviate from your Doctor’s orders other than the treatment failing (does the HIV virus grow stronger if you stop treatment too soon?)

The article also fails to mention if the treatment is safe for newborn children, who contracted HIV from their mother. It also does not touch on conditions where the treatment might not be safe for adults or older children.

If anyone else has links to Science / news sites with more information, please leave them in the comment field. This might end suffering in millions of patients around the world, as well as (nearly) a billion worried or grieving family members.

I’ve found no mention of this treatment in the patent pages, nor do I think such a thing can be patented. There is no “miracle drug”, the treatment remains a cocktail. This means, those who suffer from HIV all around the world will have access to (what appears to be) something to neutralize the virus.

I’m also noting, those involved in this discovery are not yet calling it a “cure”. I remember the on-set of AIDS, I knew several people who died from AIDS. Reading about this discovery has made my day :)


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