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All I want for Christmas is free information

Posted on | October 24, 2007 | No Comments

Wikipedia needs some help. I can’t think of anything that I need for Christmas, something that I enjoy all year round is access to free information that permits me to advance my body of knowledge, broadly delivered by Wikipedia.

Smart people do their holiday shopping early, this avoids a panic spending spree that leaves you with a year’s worth of credit card bills. Many people that I know do their shopping on-line.

I’m asking everyone that I know, please donate the $20 – $50 that you were going to spend at a retail store on my behalf to Wikipedia. Sure, you could get me a gift card to some store that probably doesn’t sell anything that I really want, however, I’d be compelled to find something anyway since the gift card can’t be returned. Great, thanks for another dust collector, I really needed another one!

Giving to Wikipedia helps me, it also helps millions of people throughout the world who did not have the benefit of a quality education. I’m encouraging anyone who has benefited from Wikipedia to ask your friends and family to donate to Wikipedia in lieu of buying you something that you probably don’t want anyway. I could use some more socks, however, I can research things on Wikipedia barefoot (and often do).

Teachers, why not ask students to suggest a donation to their family? $20 is not going to break the bank (in most cases) and preserves a very valuable resource for generations to come. You help canned food drives, help free access to information as well.

Wikipedia has resisted serving advertisements since its inception. Comparing donating users vs. frequent users evidences a very deep gap, lets help to close this gap. Wikipedia takes all forms of payment, donating is rather easy and you ensure that generations to come will have free access to information.

Go donate, there is no sensible reason NOT to donate :)


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