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The problem with Google inspired bloggregators

Posted on | October 23, 2007 | No Comments

I was not very happy to find myself needing to reserve all rights when it comes to the copyright of the things that I create. All rights reserved means just that, all rights reserved. I did this to keep get-rich-from-adsense-quickers from ripping off my text and reproducing it on some fake blog surrounded by Google ads. When I say fake blog, I mean a blog where no human being ever posts. Check out, I won’t give them the benefit of an inbound link.

Many people have set up automated scripts that constantly check RSS feeds, grab new posts, take random excerpts from them and re-display the works of others as if they were their own. Sometimes they link back to the original work, usually not.

If a web site says “Copyright © All Rights Reserved”, you can not copy or distribute the text in any way, period, without written permission from the author of the work. I don’t maintain a blog to give others free text for their SEO efforts, I maintain a blog as a hobby because I enjoy writing and thoughts from those who read my articles. You do not have the right to steal the text of others, chop many sections out of it and re-display it on your web site to push Google ads, even if you provide a link back to the original work!

Google has created a monster with its advertising programs. If it weren’t for Google ads, these kinds of “bloggregators” would not be so popular. Typically, I just file an abuse report at whatever cheap server shack is renting the thief a computer with a connection. From now on, I’m going to start sending requests directly to Google demanding that they suspend the theif’s Adsense account.

Why is it that everyone but me makes money from the things that I make? Be it software or (now) blog posts? I don’t write things (words or program code) to make money, however its disappointing to know that others illegally make money from my time and effort. I also really dislike seeing my stuff regurgitated completely chopped up and out of context on some advertisement plastered web site.

What a frustrating day :) That’s what I get for letting the akismet spam bin get too full before cleaning it out. Maybe I’ll just break down and sign up for Copyscape.


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