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Work WITH proactive thinkers :)

Posted on | October 19, 2007 | 1 Comment

A while back I talked about something neat that Radiohead was doing with their latest album “In Rainbows”. Fans were able to download the songs from Radiohead’s web site paying “whatever they wanted” for the music. If you entered 0, you got the music for free.

Not soon after, the tracks hit the Pirate Bay (and the rest of the torrent sites). This takes the mindless of the month award. Forbes has a write up on the subject.

We’ve been screaming at artists and the industry to stop charing us for our culture, or charge us what we can afford. Radiohead did it and got crapped on, big time. What is so_bad about respecting their wishes and copyright by getting the songs from their web site for free?

Part of the business behind their decision was to drive visitors to their website who might also want to purchase items surrounding the new album, like really nice boxed sets, books, etc. Now we’ve shown artists what they get for attempting to take a step in the right direction.

If you want proactive change, you need to work with, not against the people breaking ground in better directions.

I was really hoping that this would have gone better. For those of you who downloaded the songs from TPB, why not just buy something cheap related to the album? We need more bands saying that what Radiohead did was a good idea. This whole venture will be judged on the initial outcome (yes, buggy thinking, but that’s what prevails).

Hopefully, in a few months time its proven that this was indeed a good idea.


One Response to “Work WITH proactive thinkers :)”

  1. anon
    November 5th, 2007 @ 6:20 am

    As one who snagged Radiohead’s new album from a torrent, all I can say is: processing fee. Honestly, I didn’t bother checking, I just read that there was a minimum amount and believed it. (The reported minimum was $0 plus the processing fee, whatever that is/was.) I’ve now ordered twice from the official site, but neither download link has worked (both links yield “500: internal server error”s). Since I didn’t pay anything I don’t feel terribly disappointed, but I’d sure be upset if I had. Fortunately I’ve already heard the album — it’s not bad, and I hope this experiment works for them.

    I have to say: I like Saul Williams’ ( version of this idea better. $5 gets you the album in your choice of 3 formats (192, 320, or FLAC); $0 gets you the whole album, albeit in 192 only. What you get, for either price, is spelled out clearly in advance. And where Radiohead’s physical CD will apparently include some “bonus tracks” not included in the online album, I’m a lot more confident that what I get online from Williams is the whole thing.

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