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Calmer, gentler married men

Posted on | October 19, 2007 | No Comments

New Scientist is running a neat article on why married men tend to be calmer than single men. The answer (we all knew) is decreased levels of testosterone. A study in Africa more than confirms what we’ve been noticing for years.

The study, in northern Kenya sampled single, married and polygamist males who marry at around age 30. The results were conclusive:

  • Single men had higher levels of testosterone
  • Married men had lower levels of testosterone
  • Those practicing polygamy had extremely low levels of testosterone

This also coincides with other things that I’ve noticed, my friends (single) who think more about computer programs than dating tend to be calmer well collected people, where friends who frequent bars and clubs are usually more high strung.

The differences (according to the research) aren’t due to married men having sex more frequently, rather, the desire to find a mate is subdued once married (in most cases, anyway).

This is probably why married guys tend to socialize with other married guys more than former (still single) friends. The article is quite interesting, you might enjoy the read.


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