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Oh, sugar

Posted on | October 17, 2007 | No Comments

Our daughter is extremely active. We learned very early that sugar for her was a really bad idea.

This morning, she found a stash of lolly pops left by the pizza guy. She had to have one, she got one and she got it in her mouth (unwrapped) faster than we could realize what was going on. For a two year old, that’s an accomplishment.

Since she does not have sugar (other than what is found in fruits) normally, the sugar hit her system quickly. She became irritable, extremely grouchy and (nearly) downright violent. That’s not our kid, that’s our kid on sugar.

I wonder how many of you give your kids ‘high fructose’ treats without realizing that you might be making them perpetually anxious and therefore miserable?

I watched, from the point of ingestion, to her peak, to her crash, my child so discontent that she could not stand herself .. all due to candy. Candy does interesting things :

  • It rots your teeth
  • It makes you irritable
  • Its addictive (when you crash on sugar, naturally, you want more)
  • It makes you fat
  • It satisfies an immediate urge, for about 10 minutes. Then you want more.

Halloween is approaching, there is no way that I can keep my child off of sugar on that day. What I can do is find some way to demonstrate that the yummy candy is what is causing her to feel bad.

I’m not quite sure how to do that, so comments are welcome :)


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