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Cisco evades nearly a billion in taxes?

Posted on | October 17, 2007 | No Comments

This, friends, is one of the dozens of reason why I use GNU/Linux powered routers whenever possible. Some 30+ Cisco top execs in Brazil were just arrested because they ‘skirted around’ import taxes.

This article disturbs me. Why would Brazil make such high profile arrests unless they had an open and shut case? Brazil has also asked US authorities to issue five more warrants for suspects currently residing in the US, that is unusual unless there is clear cut evidence.

This action appears to be the result of a two year long investigation aiming to break up rings of criminals who ship goods from Panama and the British Virgin Islands into Brazil, the named countries known for being tax-evader friendly.

Cisco had no comment.

I’ll just continue to use my own stuff and watch this story while I chuckle. Didn’t they learn anything from the banana industry? Anything that you can’t do directly, you should not do indirectly <sigh>


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