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C-Panel is really getting shotty

Posted on | October 17, 2007 | No Comments

I’ve spent the majority of my morning fixing odd problems with Apache and PHP. This is not at all unusual. What is becoming very irritating is the fact that C-Panel, software that we pay for, is the cause of most of these issues.

If you write proprietary software programs you have several responsibilities:

  • Ensure that your releases are very well tested under many different conditions.
  • If you sell software that is likely to be in use 24/7/365, you should be available to support that software 24/7/365.
  • Bugs need prompt attention, especially bugs that make your customers appear to be incompetent to their own customers.
  • Troubleshooting is your responsibility, not your customer’s responsibility.

C-Panel fails miserably on the above.

I (and many other people working in the web hosting industry) grow tired of extremely buggy releases from a company that expects that their customers will do free beta testing under the guise of a ‘community’. This is not a ‘community’, this is a very large commercial giant who makes money packaging free software (often poorly) getting free beta testing.

Stop beta testing C-Panel’s software. Report every bug and demand that they, not you fix it. Don’t ‘search the forum’ , don’t ‘search the bugzilla’ , you are not an employee of C-Panel, Inc. Let someone who gets paid by C-Panel do the searching.

C-Panel needs to test their releases, themselves. They need to use it just like we (and our clients) would use it. If they did, we would not be seeing so many bugs.

C-Panel needs to realize that an 8 hour delay in a support request means that we (their customers) might lose 2 – 3 customers per hour. The web hosting industry is extremely competitive. They should either improve the quality of their releases, or hire more technical people to handle the many problems that their software causes us.

Remember, C-Panel merely installs and configures free software. This means, they are making a fortune on the back of free software developers. They have no right to try to sell us on a ‘community spirit’ so that we do their work for free.

If you pay for C-Panel, demand that you get full value for your money, or try one of the other proprietary control panels until such a time that something free is available.

I don’t often rant like this. C-Panel is really making my work time miserable lately, I really wish that they would be more responsible.


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