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CK patchset is not “quite” dead :)

Posted on | October 16, 2007 | No Comments

I was avoiding doing what I really should have been doing today by reading some of the Linux-centric newsgroups that I enjoy. I was very pleased to learn that some good natured Gentoo users are trying with all of their might to keep the (now famous) CK patch set alive and kicking.

Get the patch for 2.6.23 here , thanks to waninkoko it really does improve the desktop experience on older machines (like mine!).

For those of you not familiar with the CK patch set, here’s what it does:

  • Improves I/O by helping to stop bottlenecks before they start (swap pre-fetch is really neat). This helps to maximize the use of dirty paging as the ‘cushion’ it was meant to be.
  • Slightly-better-than-staircase CPU scheduling, making for a less latent desktop.

Con Kolivas (aka CK) became irritated with politics surrounding kernel development and moved on to other things. You can read about said politic in this interview. I’m really happy to see the community keeping the patches alive, they are truly useful.

If you use your free GNU/Linux OS to do things such as editing large files (spreadsheets in calc, anyone?), this might be a good patch for you, especially if your working with less than 1GB of ram and slower IDE drives.

I’m soon going to be pushing a “Tim” repo for 2.6.* with a bunch of custom patched kernels, I’ll be including a CK patched 2.6.23 in that archive. You’ll need Mercurial to get the kernels, but .. well .. if you can build a kernel, you can install Mercurial. I’ll probably include a brief HTML tutorial on how to get up and running.

In other news, work on taking ext3cow to 2.6.23 just went into warp speed, I got help! Yay! (Thanks, Scott!!) Once Zach signs off on the new patch set, I’ll make it available (as well as a pre-patched 2.6.23 + ext3cow kernel) since so many people have been screaming for it. Scott recently pushed ext3cow to a slightly earlier 2.6, his patch cuts my time in half. Don’t get too thrilled (yet), testing and Zach’s sign-off will be needed before release.

Exciting days for geeks in the world of 2.6.23 :)


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