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GNUPanel soon open to developers

Posted on | October 15, 2007 | No Comments

I’ve received notice from Jorge and Ricardo, the lead developers of GNUPanel that very soon I’ll have a new semi-properized set of installation scripts. Once I get them, Mercurial repositories will be created. I’m planning the following:


  • Branches from core developers
  • Main (stable) public branch
  • Dev (unstable) public branch


  • Patch queue for stable (cherry picked)
  • Patch queue for dev (feeds stable)


  • Themes & modules


  • Everything else that warrants its own branch

This should allow the community to pull in (basically) anything that they want. You might want a few patches from stable, and one or two from dev. You might want to run stable but pull in some new feature from dev, and keep that new feature up to date. With this setup, pretty much anything (should be) possible.

One way mirros for bazaar and cvs/svn should appear shortly after the initial Mercurial repositories are created, which allows the following:

  • Mirrored, up to date code at Launchpad
  • Mirrored, up to date code at Google Code
  • Mirrored, up to date code at Sourceforge
  • Up to date daily snapshots (tgz/bz2)

Jorge and Ricardo will soon be setting up the proper mailing lists, I’m highly considering using Launchpad for bugs, translations and Blueprints since many GNU distro users favor launchpad and this is the GNU panel :)

Finally, something that I can write my Xen hooks into so web hosts can offer easy, customized clusters! Yay!

I’ll post back again (soon, I hope) with updates on how to grab the code and dive in. I’m now writing some tutorials on how to use Mercurial as a user and developer so that folks can get up and running quickly, I hope to have those published in the next two weeks.


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