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Getting over writer’s block

Posted on | October 13, 2007 | No Comments

Did you know that you could cure a headache by rubbing a piece of ice in your palm? Perhaps you did not know that you could wash your hair with cow patties mixed with beer to stop hair loss. Of course, if you have neither a headache or a lack of hair, you might be interested in curing warts with spunk water.

There are ailments that inflict us, some of them permanent, most of them persistent. Writer’s block is surely persistent, I don’t think that its permanent and there must be some kind of spunk water to cure it.

Its not just writing in a blog, or book that has me frustrated, lately its been writing anything (including computer programs). The creativity is there, the desire to pass some time constructively is there, ideas are there yet nothing seems to manifest when I sit down to combine the ingredients.

My case of ‘block’ has persisted nearly a month, its becoming rather irritating. Surely, someone reading this blog has a end-all beat-all cure for this most inconsiderate ailment.

Nothing in my daily routines or adventures has significantly changed, I’ve had no problems in the past getting ‘in’ to my work even under more interesting circumstances. I’m quite convinced that I have a viral form of writer’s block, I must have caught it from someone else.

Would there happen to be a doctor in the house? :)


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