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Real bloggers don’t bathe.

Posted on | October 6, 2007 | No Comments

Due to the commercialization of self-publishing (aka Blogging), many people are now eager to point out ‘fake’ blogs. I was reading a write up of some competition encroaching upon Technorati, the comments below the article (and the article itself) proved to be rather interesting.

Many people blog, some of us bathe. I’m sure that married bloggers bathe more often than single bloggers (I have no research to back this up, yet ..) My title was designed to attract your attention. GASP, dare I, now, craft the head of my work with something catchy to attract your attention? Is this article now fake? Is my blog no longer real? WordPress is a dream, but I’m sure that it remains one that came true.

Multi-blogs are starting to come under scruitiny and rapidly becoming the object of many complaints. A multi-blog is a web log where several authors have the ability to publish things. Many multi blogs do serve (mostly) to make money by displaying advertisements. GASP, if I display advertisements on my pages, is my blog subsequently fake? Hardly .

E-booms occur nearly as often as flatulence, then linger for approximately the same duration. People eventually begin to notice the odor and then delight in complaining about how much it stinks. Commercialization of blogs ‘broke wind’, many people are going to leave the room, at least until the air clears.

Blogging had quite a bit to do with the incubation of on-line social networks. Social bookmarking engines are now multi-million dollar a year businesses that organize an impossible popularity contest, effectively driving millions of people to poorly crafted literature each and every day of the year. Those who write well and do well with these services are truly the creme de la creme of authors, very deserving of the syndication that they receive. I could likely do well with some of these services if I devoted time to ensuring my works were included, however, I have no wish to participate in some kind of popularity contest. My syndication occurs via word-of-mouth, I’m quite delighted and content with this arrangement.

I accept gifts, I don’t rely on gifts. Readership is a gift, so is the ability to write well. This means I’ll continue to put thought into my work, update my writing frequently and continue with a rather lengthy editorial and refinement process once works are published. I’ll continue to answer e-mail from my readers promptly. Lastly, I won’t wake up and realize ‘what I’m missing’ by not plastering my blog with advertisements.

There are some ads on Echoreply, you’ll need to work a bit in order to find them. I place ads in places where I think that I’m likely to be losing your attention, perhaps I can make a few cents if an ad manages to catch your eye. This is not deliberate ‘pushing’, this is what I call opportunistic income. Contextual ads were supposed to be opportunistic for the publisher, instead they started writing for search engines instead of humans in order to make more money.

I, too am fed up with the junk. If you read blogs on a regular basis, please be sure to not turn this much needed ‘weeding out’ process into a witch hunt :)


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