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Duct tape IS a fashion statement

Posted on | October 6, 2007 | No Comments

I love duct tape. I have used duct tape to fix nearly everything that lends to duct-taping. Duct Tape Fashion is spreading the love even further.

We should all be protecting our things by encasing them in duct tape. Duct tape resists most things that spoil our stuff, such as water, dust, stains and even heat to a degree (no pun intended). If you buy an umbrella, for instance, it will be extremely likely to break within a few months of use. I can assure you, one of those metal spokes that makes the umbrella canopy form will poke through the cheap fabric and probably blind you. The answer to this is simple, wrap the umbrella completely in duct tape.

Wrapping something in duct tape requires skill. You must wrap evenly, with pieces of duct tape cut to appropriate lengths so that the wrapping can be easily repaired at a later time. You must observe the laws of overlap and take great care to avoid folded-over corners. Smoothing the wrap is also important, a properly wrapped item will not have very may ridges that can be felt.

Duct Tape Fashion has bags, wallets, hats & visors, everything that you need, but forever protected by the all mighty silver stuff that we all adore. Visit them, at the least you’ll chuckle, you might also find something that you like.


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