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The coolest coffee table ever!

Posted on | October 5, 2007 | No Comments

Some mad scientists have devised some really neat ways to get the most out of your coffee table. They stuffed tables full of motion sensing super bright LED panels. Not just any LED panels, these panels are ‘smart’ and create a very neat and lingering motion trail effect. Take a look for yourself, watch the video and you’ll see why I like these things.

I’m not the only one who likes them, recently a short write-up about these gizmos was featured in Popular Science. The cat in the video seems equally fascinated perched on top of a moving puddle of light. You don’t have to use the panels in your coffee table, they are sold as kits and can be put in nearly anything.

The lighting effects can be clearly seen even if the panel is in full sunlight, the LEDs themselves however aren’t so bright that they blind you.

To really capture my heart, you’d need to find some way of projecting a laser touch remote control on top of the table, so that I could tap a certain place on the table to control a TV or other things. Making the panels (and their effects) change color as a reaction to heat would also be really neat. If I set a hot cup of coffee on the table (after all, it is a coffee table) the LEDs and effects should be varying shades of red, vs a bowl of ice cream which would be blue.

Take a look, watch the video, if nothing else for the amusement value of watching a very perplexed cat.


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