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Harvesting SPAM to win the Lottery

Posted on | October 3, 2007 | No Comments

I receive approximately 1200 unsolicited e-mails daily. Most e-mails are from Asia and are written in Chinese, Japanese or some other language that I don’t understand.

I must read all of my SPAM, a client with a misbehaving e-mail server might be trying to contact me to report a problem. Since the volume of this junk persists, I should find something useful to do with it.

Many SPAM e-mails contain ‘lucky numbers’ or alpha-numeric sequences. SPAM e-mails are often sent from a date in the future. Hmmm, maybe they can help me pick the winning mega-million drawing?

Google does a very good job of filtering my SPAM, very little makes it to my in-box. I’m going to harvest this junk in my SPAM folder, extract the numbers and organize them by date in a MySQL database. Further coding voodoo should eventually produce the correct winning numbers, what remains is if I’ll live to see it happen :)

If you died today, tomorrow, you would still be spammed. That should lead us all into an introspective moment of laughter. Hopefully, my new ‘recycling’ program bears some fruit!


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