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Writing well is the best type of SEO

Posted on | October 1, 2007 | No Comments

Finding something interesting to read on the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult. I find lots of articles on blogs, most of them just copying what someone else said. Other times, the article might be interesting and fun to read if it was not trying to achieve a certain count of various key words.

My articles do very well in search engines. I make no efforts to optimize my blog or pages for search engines, I try to optimize my work for human beings. In order to ensure that my web site(s) display correctly for anyone, regardless of their screen settings, I ensure that all pages conform to one of the various XHTML standards.

I write in very plain ‘international’ English. This means, I avoid jargon and attempt to craft well structured sentences. I avoid over-using pronouns, contractions, slang and other things that may confuse readers who do not speak English as their first language. By writing well structured sentences, my articles often contain a blend of words that search engines favor.

I work with computers daily, most of the computers that I work with are used to host some kind of a web site. I’m very good at customizing my operating system and programs to speed them up and ensure that they remain available. I am quite certain that my own hosting platform assists my work in finding a suitable place within various search engine results.

Many people who use the Internet for entertainment, in particular, users who want to find something to read are becoming increasingly frustrated with web sites that regurgitate articles for the sake of serving advertisements. I serve advertisements, but I also write interesting things to read, those advertisements are shown just in case I was not able to capture your attention and readership.

I’d like to strongly encourage bloggers to please examine your style of writing before investing in some kind of search engine optimization scheme. Google and others are getting very good at spotting ‘un fair’ methods of optimizing your web site for their spiders, you might find that SEO measures produce unexpected and undesirable results. Many people are speaking out against advertising networks citing that these networks encourage Internet pollution. Advertising networks, as a consequence are really beginning to crak down on ‘junk articles’ that employ crazy tactics to achieve high ranking results in search engines.

Adjusting your writing to a more international style will help you immensely and gain you more world-wide readership. This also helps me to find something neat to read on your blog :) If I find a blog that is obviously well maintained by a blogger who just likes to blog, I read the blog faithfully. If I find something obviously constructed to serve advertisements, I close the page. I’m sure other people feel the same way that I do regarding junk web sites, so I make sure to construct my stuff accordingly.


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