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So, what upsets you?

Posted on | September 30, 2007 | No Comments

Getting ticked off sucks. If we get ticked off at 8AM, by 5PM we’re still ticked off but can’t quite remember why. We just attribute our ticked-off-ness to “events of the day” and leave it at that.

Many of us get screamed at for a living. Yes, your job description might say “system administrator” (or insert your job title here), however, in reality, you get screamed at for a living and work well under pressure. All of us have little tricks for preventing immediate stress from invading our consciousness, yet many neglect the persistence and obstinance of pressure. Here’s some neat questions to ask yourself:

  • If I e-mail someone and don’t get a reply within 24-72 hours, do I consider myself to be “blown off”?
  • If my car can no longer nudge forward in traffic, do I get mad?
  • If the elevator is stuck 8 floors above me, do I get impatient?

These are just a few questions, there are many more that you could (and should) ask yourself. It boils down to this easy question, “Am I a victim of circumstance, or is someone deliberately trying to upset me?”. At least 2/3 questions above clearly indicate that you are a victim of circumstance. This means, at least 2/3 of the time, you get upset for no good reason.

The most fundamental question to ask yourself is ‘Do I want to be happy?’. Everyone wants to feel good, that is why there is a war on drugs. Either you do, or do not want to be happy. Some of us delight in every opportunity to feel sorry for ourselves, this is because self-pity feels great. Bah, no good. There will be times when you feel bad, however, these need not be self-imposed :)

I can assure you, traffic is not some kind of conspiracy to make your day worse. Please don’t react to it as such. Elevators are stupid and controlled by micro-switches, you can’t hold them accountable for much. Why get upset? Oddly, during our days, we hunger for even a 10 minute break where we are forced to not work, what’s the problem?

Don’t see yourself as being antagonized unless, well, you are. Know the difference and be a happier person.

Just general food for thought.


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