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From zero to closed

Posted on | September 29, 2007 | No Comments

Advertisement servers (all of them) are currently so bogged down that they slow down the entire Internet. Google has taken some proactive steps in curing this issue, not many others have done the same.If I can not view a page in 10 – 15 seconds, I close it, period. The delay just tells me that I’m about to deal with a web site that offers more ads than stuff to read, what fun is that?

I don’t discourage making a little money by blogging, in fact I do it. However, try some alternates. Make friends with “Mom and Pop” e-commerce businesses who will genuinally appreciate you promoting them and work with you to develop neat ways to integrate their stuff into your web properties.

I would not buy a newspaper that had more ads than text. Likewise, I’m not going to wait for your page to load to read an article, no matter how interesting it might be, there are 200+ more in my RSS reader to explore. I think, we’ve reached a point where ‘blogeters’ must be more creative or face giving their visitors to someone else. If you write neat stuff, please .. explore other means. :)


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