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Commercial kids?

Posted on | September 29, 2007 | No Comments

I make no big secret about my aversion to commercial culture. But, that’s just my aversion. We’ve been approached three times by poeple who wanted to put our two-year-old in commercials.

One commercial was for Pampers, the diaper people. The other two offers focused on more generic/stock use of our daughter’s photographs. We turned all three offers down, just because we felt indecisive. Our golden rule remains, “When in doubt, don’t”. I continue to wonder if we made the best decision.

If you get approached (like we did), I don’t think that there is a right or wrong decision. What remains is the best decsion, this is relative to what you plan to teach your kid. I hope that my daughter puts little value in vanity, becoming a commercial kid might be counterproductive. Yet, what if that’s not who she decides to be? Above all, my daughter is free. She’s free to be whoever she wants so long as my input as a parent has obviously been considered.

These are (and were) our issues:

  • Someone else has rights too our daughter’s photographs.
  • Someone else has rights to _sell_ our daughter’s photographs.
  • Our daughter might not like her baby pictures syndicated (and etched on the Internet forever) at various points in her life.
  • Being the object of admiration just might go to our daughter’s head.
  • We ( as parents ) are profiting from a kid who can’t yet fully speak.

Yet I can not help but wonder, what if everything went ‘well’ , am I going to face a future ‘Dad, How could you?!’, time will tell.


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