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Who took the click out of keyboards?

Posted on | September 26, 2007 | 2 Comments

I really love my computer keyboard, it has been with me for several years and has survived being used as :

  • A coffee filter
  • An ash tray
  • A tea strainer
  • A crash test dummy

… all without a single complaint.

I’ve typed on my keyboard so much that most of the letters have now worn off of the keys. Fortunately I don’t need to look at my keyboard in order to type.

I fear, however that soon I will have to retire my faithful clicky companion who has kept me company many long nights with its happy clickety-clicking.

When I write things (be it program code or blog posts), I really enjoy the clicking and chattering that comes from my keyboard. It helps me to drown out the noises from my air conditioner, traffic outside, neighbor’s music and other distractions. Sadly, my clicky friend has lost its clickeyness and no longer keeps me company.

“No problem,” I thought! “I’ll just go get a new keyboard.” This, friends, is where my tale of woe begins.

All of the new keyboards that I could find came with many extra buttons and wheels that I simply don’t want or use. I don’t program shortcut buttons, I don’t need ice blue backlights, I don’t need ‘ergonomic’ keys that inflict more pain than standard keyboards. I just wanted a simple, plain, new clicky friend so that I can put this one out of its misery.

Finally, I found a plain, 101-Key cheap keyboard but it didn’t make my favorite clicky noise. In fact, I learned that many newly manufactued keyboards don’t make clicky noises. Most new keyboards are engineered to be ‘quiet’. I don’t want an engineer living in my keyboard telling me to be quiet, I have enough engineers living outside of my keyboard telling me to be quiet.

Could anyone, anywhere recommend a link that allows me to purchase a plain, noisy, tactile-responsive keyboard without any extra keys that display the Microsoft logo?

My old not-so-clicky-anymore friend thanks you in advance, so do I :)


2 Responses to “Who took the click out of keyboards?”

  1. tinkertim
    September 26th, 2007 @ 4:52 pm

    Restoring clickey-ness CAN be done. This is a long and complex process:

    1 – Remove each key, one at a time. Do this gently or you’ll be missing a key.

    2 – Take some tool that ends in ‘pick’ (tooth pick works) and clean that disgusting crud out of the spring and button underneath.

    3 – Replace they key.

    4 – Repeat, approximately 101 times. If you have a modern keyboard, its more like 112 times, plus some scroll wheels to deal with. I never use my wheels, so I have no idea how to clean them.

    You won’t get back your ‘original’ clickyness, however, this process does restore some clickyness and prolongs the life of your keyboard.

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