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ISO : Mom-and-Pop geek shops

Posted on | September 26, 2007 | No Comments

I’m looking for some small businesses who sell all things geek and offer open ended affiliate programs. I thought about Comission Junction, as well as others, however I prefer to deal only with small businesses.

Ideally, you sell or distribute stuff that geeks like, such things might include:

  • Anything that has a laser
  • Anything with lots of LEDs
  • Custom camera bags, laptop cases, multi-tool cases, etc
  • Multi tools themselves (all kinds)
  • P.C. Mods, case mods, cooling systems, etc
  • Cheap computer parts
  • Single board computers
  • Robotics stuff
  • “Junior Geek” toys (I’ll likely be a customer, too)
  • Geek books
  • Novelties (whoopie cushions, gags, etc)

My needs are really simple. I need thumbnail (50×50 or 100×100) images of your stuff and a link that lets me get credit for sending you sales. If you have such stuff, and such a program in place, contact me at, I’d love to get setup.


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