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Hey – keep the change :)

Posted on | September 26, 2007 | No Comments

Anyone who has ever worked as a cashier can tell you, money loses its value quickly. It just becomes work for you, while you are accountable for keeping track of it. This makes cashiers very interesting people.

At every cash register in the world is some kind of cup or can with information about a charity on the front. To give, we put our loose change in one of these cups or cans, usually not even reading any information on the front – what do we care, the money must go somewhere useful, right?

I have a much better idea. Once a week, take $5 from your change at 7-11 and hand it back to the cashier. Tell the cashier “Give this to someone who falls short, or looks like they really need it.” Doing this makes your gift multi faceted. Your gift permits the cashier to commit a random act of kindness, and allows someone else to benefit from it. All this for $5, and you get to commit a random act of kindness too. What a deal!

Some people might say “Well, how do you know the cashier won’t just pocket it?” , you don’t. Likewise, you throw coins in a jar that you don’t read, what do you care? You gave. The owner of the store trusts the cashier with much more than $5, I’m pretty sure you can trust them to do something good with your gift.

While your at it, throw some loose change in one of those cans, usually that money goes to a good cause. You don’t have to read the can if you don’t want to. Enjoy the smile the cashier gives you in return for both gestures, then have a slightly better than normal day.


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