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For the morbidly curious, I made this with PHP and simplepie because hgwebdir didn't do what I wanted.


Maintained by Tim Post

Nexgent allows easy access to more information about paravirtualized Xen guests from domain-0. Loads, memory, disk usage and performance metrics can be obtained from dom-0 without the use of snmp (or any kind of network connection). Nexgent is currently alpha software, swim at your own risk.

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Last Commitment: 27 May 2010, 10:24 pm

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Maintained by Tim Post

An installation system that can install almost anything, up to and including .dep / .rpm dependencies. Auto detects many popular distros, knows how to update init, modeled after autoconf (but does not use m4 and is geared for installing things that do not need to be compiled, i.e. entire binary tarballs). Unfinished, mostly undocumented, swim at your own risk. Works on bash, dash, zsh, pdksh, ash, busybox and others.

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Last Commitment: 5 August 2009, 8:34 am

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Maintained by Tim Post

XML Pulse is inspired by the popular PHP SysInfo script but written completely in C. XML Pulse 'xml-izes' interesting things found in /proc such as:

  • Processor / CPU / Load info
  • Memory info (swap/total/caches)
  • Network devices
  • Block devices (mounted)

If libxenstat is present, XML Pulse will link against it and produce 'xml-ized' information similar to a single iteration of 'xm top', showing Xen guests, CPU and RAM use and other critical info for monitoring. XMLPulse also contains a program to produce Bash arrays containing Xen guest information, extremely useful in shell/init scripts controlling Xen guests. A program to generate PHP nested arrays of Xen guests is also included, handy for making Xen control panels from PHP.

Even without a knowledge of C, XML Pulse is easy to modify and Customize.

These programs compile without warning using gcc 3.4

If you do not have Mercurial, you can download a TGZ snapshot of this repository here. (md5sum).

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Last Commitment: 17 December 2007, 11:54 pm

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