Dec 03rd

Confessions of a GNU/Linux geek

Welcome to Echoreply, the Blog and roost of Tim Post (Hey, that's me!) Echoreply is my personal web site that I use for sharing things, such as thoughts, humor, source code, research, knowledge and other geeky things.

I'm a freelance GNU / Linux consultant specializing in complex networks, such as computer clusters, most of my work is in the web hosting industry where I make "elastic" hosting platforms. I'm available on a contract basis as a developer and integrator, more information on my services can be found below.

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I can be contacted at or by using this contact form.

Professional Services:

Xen Virtualization

Virtualization & Consolidation

I work daily with virtualization technologies such as Xen. I have created several control panels for web hosting companies that wanted to offer virtualization to their customers. I've also developed control and migration systems for clients who simply wish to consolidate servers. I am very familiar with the Xen source code and can modify it to suit your particular needs, or simply help you to install and configure Xen sensibly. I am familiar with most storage technologies and can handle small or large scale deployments.

Linux Clusters

Linux Clusters & Load Balancing

I enjoy designing and building reliable clusters of Linux computers. I've worked with popular solutions such as OpenSSI, OpenMosix and Kerrighed as well as designed many simpler kinds of HA configurations. I build reliable clusters, a step beyond typical high availability. A good cluster design should not just deal with failures, rather, it should proactively attempt to prevent them. Building custom clusters with well supported free/open source building blocks saves both time and money.

Linux Administration

Linux System Administration & Integration

I am a long term GNU/Linux user, I have been working with Linux exclusively since 2003, experimenting with and modifying it since 1995. I am familiar and comfortable with most major distributions, as well as building and configuring most popular services from source or distribution packages. I currently manage over 150 servers. I can also assist you in selecting free software that best suits your needs then help you tie it all together. I offer low cost modifications to most popular programs as well as custom Linux distributions.

If you require a service that is not listed above, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs. My rates very between $20 to $65 hourly, depending upon the task at hand. I offer reduced (sometimes free) services to organizations that exist to serve the public interest.